Curriculum Vitae

I was born in 1996. A future medical researcher (well, it depends, maybe a clinical doctor) , a whitehat.

I am a medico majoring in the Basic Medical Sciences and the faculty which I am going to step into dedicates in the advanced research of Computational System Biology & Pharmacogenomics.

Currently I am striving in the 4th year of study in the university. (Not a senior student, because the major is a 7-year program)

  • Experience of study:
  1. H.S(2011-2014):Chongqing No.6 High School, Chongqing , P.R.China.
  2. Undergraduate stage:
    MBBS/B.Med. (Phase 1: 9/1/2014-7/1/2019): Bachelor of Medicine, Harbin Medical University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, P.R.China.
    M.Med. (Phase 2: 9/1/2019-7/1/2021): Master of Medicine, Harbin Medical University , Harbin , Heilongjiang , P.R.China.
  3. Postgraduate stage:
    Ph.D or M.D(?):Pending….
  • Mainframe of R&D:
    Computational System Biology & Pharmacogenomics (Department of Bioinformatics & Molecular Biology)
  • All the examination records including CET-4/6, GRE/TOEFL have been removed since there’s no reason to put those here as this CV is a compressed version and I do not want to waste the time of both of yours and mine. If you need verified copy of any personal data concerning about me, please do not hesitate to send an Email to me. Thank you!
  • Scholarship(s):
      2015-2016 G-grade Scholarship in Fall Semester, issued by Harbin Medical University.
  • Social Experiences & Miscellaneous Activities
      Volunteer & Translator of 1st Sino-Russia Young Scholar Academic Conference of Prophylaxis and Treatment of Critical Illnesses(Cardiovascular Disease,CVD)
      Volunteer & Translator of 7th Sino-Russia Medicine Academic Conference
      Volunteer & Translator of 5th Academic Conference of Cardiac Disease in Cold Region

Feel free to stay in touch with me through the following channels:
Weibo : @雨宫千鹤
GitHub : @宮水三葉
E-Mail:    [email protected]
Wooyun: 雨宫千鹤

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